Patients with Impact
Our mission: We want physicians and patients discussing treatment options and making decisions together.

The Project

Fostering effective physician-patient communication

The physician-patient relationship strongly influences the success of treatment. The objective of our “Patients with Impact” project is to embed the concept of shared decision making in everyday medical care.

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Bertelsmann Stiftung

Our background

Informed patients, appropriate treatment, and wise management of health care resources: These are the goals targeted by the Bertelsmann Stiftung in the field of healthcare. read more


70 %

According to a 2012 Healthcare Monitor survey, 70% of patients have never experienced shared decision making with their primary care physicians.

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Patients value "Dr. Google's" versatility

Whether preparing for a visit to the doctor, comparing therapies or simply engaging in online discussion with others – many people seek advice from Dr. Google. Findings from our new study show that more than one-half of patients surveyed are satisfied with the health information they find online. But are physicians and patients making good use of the internet's potential? read more


Project Topics

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Shared decision making

Facilitating a breakthrough for shared decision making

Many practices and hospitals are still unfamiliar with the concept of shared decision making, despite its benefits.  read more

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Training physicians

Enhancing physicians' communication skills

Medical schools still fall short when it comes to imparting communication skills. Our goal is to anchor these skills in teaching and exams. read more

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Choosing Wisely

Physicians’ initiative against medical overuse

Launched in the United States in 2011, Choosing Wisely is an initiative with the goal of reducing utilization of inappropriate medical services. We show what has made the campaign so successful. read more

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Data analysis

Exploring regional differences in healthcare

Regional differences illustrate that at times, care can fail to meet the needs of the public. In cooperation with the Science Media Center Germany (SMC), we research potential causes for these differences on location.  read more


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National Strategies for Implementing Shared Decision Making (engl.)

Shared decision making (SDM) involves clinicians and patients working together to select appropriate care, based on clinical evidence and the ... read more


Choosing Wisely (engl.)

Choosing Wisely is an international campaign to reduce medical overuse and to support shared decision making. The study looks at the source of ... read more


SPOTLIGHT Healthcare: Choosing Wisely

Choosing Wisely is an international campaign to reduce medical overuse and to support shared decision making. We give a brief overview of the ... read more