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Apprenticeship training in Italy – a cost-effective model for firms?

What are the costs and benefits of dual apprenticeship training for companies in Italy? The study looks at nine different occupations.

To increase the popularity of the apprenticeship type of training, it is important to provide reliable information to firms about circumstances where apprenticeship models are a potential win-win-win situation. To create benefits for individuals and the state, and for the training firms. The report Apprenticeship in Italy – a cost-effective model for firms? analyses what the benefit would be if a Swiss-style apprenticeship model were adopted by companies in Italy. The Swiss model is recognised for making the transition from school to the labour market a smoother process, and Switzerland outperforms most EU countries in several skills-related indicators. Variations of the model were tested to check which conditions firms in Italy would need to establish to obtain net benefits from training apprentices. The purpose of such an ex ante simulation is to provide companies with economic arguments for offering apprenticeship placements, and to trigger a nuanced discussion about introducing apprenticeships.