People in front of the Parliament

SHORTCUT 10 - May 2023

Agenda initiatives
Citizens determine the political agenda

The right of initiative, the ability to put legislative proposals and ideas on the political agenda, is fundamental in democracies. Parliaments deliberate, the public debates, laws are enacted and implemented. Agenda initiatives give citizens the right to propose issues for parliamentary consideration and legislation. More and more countries around the world are introducing this tool - Finland and Latvia, for example, with remarkable success. Since 2012, the European Citizens' Initiative has even introduced at European level. Environmental protection, services of general interest or citizens' rights - practical experience shows: Citizens can use agenda initiatives to set the agenda, initiate discourse and shape policy. This strengthens democracy. 

Download the SHORTCUT as PDF here.

Message to go:

Agenda initiatives strengthen democracy and give citizens a voice. They must be easy to access, digital, and above all have an impact.
SHORTCUT 10 - Agenda initiatives - Citizens determine the political agenda