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Fair education opportunities: Education for an immigrant society

Educational institutions must prepare for the fact that growing numbers of children and youths in Germany are of migrant heritage. In a diverse society where socioeconomic background still heavily influences educational success, equal opportunities in education and labor market participation must be strengthened.

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Society: Fostering Openness

Facing an aging demographic, Germany is reliant on immigration. If the country wishes to attract skilled workers and see its immigrants contribute more fully to society as fellow citizens, Germany must be an attractive destination for migrants.

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Germany: Improving Migration Management

Well-managed migration involves creating benefits for our country that do not come at the expense of the local population or countries of origin. Based on empirical research, the Bertelsmann Stiftung develops reform proposals for the effective and fair management of all forms of migration.

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Europe: Proactive asylum policies

Germany and the EU have been facing enormous challenges in migration and refugee policymaking. A shift towards proactive asylum and migration policies is indispensable if we are to develop effective, fair and sustainable solutions for the increased arrival of asylum seekers and refugees in Europe.

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Triple Win: Promoting development through migration

Migration and development need to be considered in tandem. Effective and lasting results can be achieved only if international cooperation on migration issues incorporates the interests of migrants as well as those of origin and destination countries. Our work aims to help implement this triple-win approach in Germany and abroad.