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Direct Investment: International Labor Division in a Globalized World

Cars, machines, computers - hardly any product is manufactured in just one country. Foreign direct investment (FDI) plays a crucial role in this. Companies use FDI to set up production sites, sales companies or invest in local companies in other countries. This creates increasingly complex value chains that link companies and countries. We analyze the effects of these developments on Germany and Europe.

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Digitalization: The Global Data Economy

The global market no longer consists solely of the exchange of goods and services. International data traffic is growing with the increasing relevance of digital business models. But how is this changing the global economy? Is Germany prepared for digital globalization? And what rules does the global data economy need to meet consumer and business interests?

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Globalization: Understanding and Shaping Economic Globalization

The ever closer integration of countries increases the material prosperity of the participating economies. Within the individual countries, however, there are also persons and regions for which the advancing globalization has negative income effects. We want to contribute to a better understanding of the growth and distribution effects of economic globalization and to distribute the benefits of globalization in such a way that all members of society benefit from globalization.

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Trade Governance: Rules for International Trade

Every market needs clear rules to function. This applies in particular to international trade in goods and services. Without rules that are binding on everyone, the world trade order would be shaped by the law of the strongest. But how can common rules be found and enforced in an international community of states driven by country-specific interests and perspectives? And what should such rules look like?