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Project "Demographic Resilience and Participation" Taking Part in T20 Task Force

In the global Think20 network, numerous think tanks and experts from the G20 countries join forces to develop solutions to urgent global issues. This year, for the first time, a task force has been set up to address the international trend of population aging and its economic impacts.  

Since 2012, various T20 task forces have been meeting under each G20 presidency to work out political recommendations on global issues and challenges for the following G20 Summit.

The great importance that the Japanese G20 presidency attaches to the international trend of population aging and its diverse economic consequences is illustrated by the establishment of a new task force on "Aging Population and its Economic Impact + Immigration". Andreas Esche is a co-chair and Martina Lizarazo López an expert of this task force.

The subjects of the task force revolve around macroeconomic challenges and solution approaches in aging societies, necessary labor market reforms, a sustainable design for the financial and social security systems, the consequences of population aging for the finance industry and international capital flows as well as migration policy issues. The members of the task force draft policy briefs with research-based policy recommendations on each of these subjects. These policy recommendations will be included in the communiqué that will be presented to the G20 community during the T20 Summit in May 2019 in Tokyo.

Andreas Esche, Martina Lizarazo López and Thieß Petersen (Senior Advisor at Bertelsmann Stiftung) write a policy brief on how domestic investments and foreign direct investments can promote demographic dividends in aging developed economies and in "younger" less developed economies and thereby foster material prosperity.

The first working meetings of the ten different T20 task forces took place in Tokyo in December. At the Global Solution Summit (GSS) on March 18 and 19, 2019 in Berlin, each T20 task force will organize a panel.