The Event Locations at a glance


Berlin has a long history of protest, revolution and standing up for democracy. It was the central point for the ending of the cold war and the collapse of communism.

In 2019 Berlin was the location for the final conference of a nationwide landmark citizens’ assembly. For the first time, 160 randomly selected Germans came together to discuss policy changes for the future of democracy. Policy recommendations were handed over to the President of the Bundestag. This pioneering exercise has triggered many more deliberative democracy initiatives in Germany.

Bertelsmann Repräsentanz, Unter den Linden 1, 10117 Berlin

The first two days of the conference will take place in Bertelsmann Repräsentanz Unter den Linden. The building is located at the beginning of the iconic Unter den Linden Road in the center of Berlin. From here many famous Berlin landmarks like the museum island and the Berliner Dom as well as the Brandenburger tor are in walking distance.  

Bertelsmann Repräsentanz Berlin

Bundestag, Platz der Republik, Berlin

On the afternoon of the second conference day there will be the opportunity to meet with German politicians in the Bundestag. The Bundestag is the historic building which houses the German Parliament, it is located not far from the Bertelsmann building.   

Reichstagsgebäude Berlin

nexus institute, Willdenowstraße 38, 12203 Berlin

In the evening of the second day a garden party will be held at the nexus institute. The institute is in the ‘Villa Morgenroth’ which was originally built in 1911 for the physician Julius Morgenroth. It is located in the suburbs of Berlin, about a 40-minute train ride from the Bertelsmann Repräsentanz. The house is one of the most beautiful in Dahlem and is located close to the botanical garden, as well as to many lakes and forests. 

Villa und Garten des nexus instutes

Technische Universität Berlin, Marchstraße 23, 10587 Berlin

The deliberative democracy school on the third day will take place at the Technical University of Berlin. The Technical University is located very centrally in Berlin, not far from the Tiergarten and the Berlin Zoo.

Gebäude der TU Berlin

Travelling to and from Berlin

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