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Professionals: Drawing on experience to gain new experience

Having completed your university studies with distinction and having several years of professional life behind you, you already have considerable experience – which you can draw on to carry out interesting new projects. That, in turn, allows you to gain even more rewarding experience.

We offer you, as a professional in your field, the opportunity to work in a team developing strategic, interdisciplinary responses to pressing social problems. In addition, you will help implement the relevant exemplary solutions as part of our ongoing project work. 

In other words, you will have the opportunity to effectively introduce proposed solutions into the public debate and, as a representative of one of Europe’s largest foundations, have an impact on policymaking processes.

To support our project teams, we are looking for professionals who: 

  • have already demonstrated their specialized expertise addressing one of the issues we focus on
  • are capable of developing strategic solutions and innovative strategy papers that generate interest and enthusiasm
  • can successfully implement our projects
  • have strong communications skills and view networking with in-house and external partners as a key success factor
  • enjoy the opportunity to make a significant contribution to society’s sociopolitical development
  • can respond flexibly to new challenges
  • already have some experience in project management and are looking forward to the challenge of leading a major project or program

You should:

  • have appropriate professional experience in the relevant field
  • have additional qualifications such as a doctoral degree
  • have completed your university studies (or the equivalent) with distinction
  • have experience working outside of your native country and excellent proficiency speaking at least one foreign language
  • identify with the goals we pursue and the values we adhere to

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