The four Junior Professionals having started as of September 2018.
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Junior Professionals: Career and development opportunities in the Junior Professionals Program

Are you eager to participate in social, economic and political aspects of society? Join us in producing worthwhile new ideas and putting them into practice.

Are you interested in taking on responsible tasks, growing personally and professionally, and enjoying the freedom to transform your ideas into concrete projects? Welcome to Bertelsmann Stiftung’s Junior Professionals Program (JPP)!

This program allows you to begin working on our projects immediately and offers you a special course in project management that is tailored specifically to your situation. Since we attach great importance to an interdisciplinary approach from the very beginning, we strongly encourage exchanging views, sharing inspiration and maintaining an open atmosphere. 

We expect you to show commitment, the courage to be creative and the will to develop your potential. All of this is essential if you are to gain a better understanding of the urgent issues that affect society’s economic, political and social development. Recognizing that we are asking a great deal of you, we have made sure to allow enough time for this program, which is designed to take 18 months and offered every two years. Place of work is Guetersloh.

Program structure

Your profile

If you have completed your university studies with distinction, earned an additional degree and have some professional experience, also abroad, you are in a good position to join our team, which will allow you to shape your future while also influencing social policy.

We offer you, as a junior professional, the opportunity to play an important role in finding model solutions to urgent social problems. You will also be challenged to contribute and develop your own ideas. We expect that you will quickly assume responsibility within our projects, in keeping with the specific tasks and demands they entail. We are looking for talented young people who

  • are trained in one of our focus areas
  • are good communicators and open to other people and opinions
  • enjoy being involved in the development of society and social policy
  • are capable of developing and implementing new conceptual ideas
  • are able to think creatively while showing fiscal responsibility

You should:

  • have earned a university degree with distinction
  • have further qualifications, if possible, such as a doctorate
  • have some professional experience, perhaps through internships
  • have international experience
  • have an excellent command of spoken and written German and English, as well as another language (Chinese, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian)
  • identify with the goals and values of our foundation


Update 2: Next Monday, 12 April 2021 we will launch a new edition of the Junior Professionals Program, with new "JPs" joining from 1 October 2021. Continue to keep our an eye on our website and career pages or follow us on LinkedIn/Twitter to get first-hand all the information you need for your application by 7 May 2021 as quickly as possible!

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