Jan Voth

Interns: Learn how things are done in practice!

Still completing your studies? Looking for more than just book learning? Done well in your last semester or just completed your bachelor’s degree with distinction? Want to experience something new and see the big picture from a different perspective?

You’re enthusiastic about your studies and already have a bachelor’s degree or the equivalent? Then perhaps you’re also interested in getting some practical experience in an area directly related to today’s sociopolitical issues. If so, a number of exciting responsibilities await you as an intern at the Bertelsmann Stiftung.

An internship at the Bertelsmann Stiftung offers you the chance to become acquainted with and contribute to our project work. In addition, you have the opportunity to acquire basic project-management skills while supporting our projects as they are being implemented. During your time with us, we want to hear your ideas – so you can add momentum to the work we do!

You should have:

  • a bachelor's degree or the equivalent
  • at least three months' time to spend as an intern with us
  • internship or service-leaning experience (preferred)
  • interest in our work and the relevant Bertelsmann Stiftung project