Program "Europe’s Future"

Europe's Future 

The increasing instrumentalization of economic dependencies for political goals is hitting the European Union hard. The Russian war against Ukraine and the conflict for global supremacy between the USA and China show that the EU must learn to manage its economic ties strategically, and it will only succeed if it acts as a strong, unified player on the global stage. We therefore advocate for a sovereign and solidary Europe that can defend its values and interests externally because it stands together internally. For this to be true, social and economic disparities in the single market must be reduced, since they impair not only Europe’s competitiveness, but also its political and social cohesion. Especially now, when digitalization and the shift towards greater sustainability are leading to major changes, it is important that Europeans’ understanding of each other grows and that the EU’s democratic foundations are reinforced. As a result, we want to help Europe master digital transformation based on its shared values – enabling it to set standards worldwide. We regularly publish our analyses and assessments on