Organizational chart: Organizational chart of the Bertelsmann Stiftung

Our projects seek to promote fair educational opportunities right from the start. From the moment they are born, children learn every minute of the day, wherever they are. The family – the most important learning environment – has an enormous impact on a child’s development. Yet society as a whole also bears responsibility for how successfully children learn and develop. This means that people at all levels of government and civil society face the common challenge of providing the best possible support for each child and guaranteeing fair educational opportunities for all. The social environments of children and their families – especially early education programs in childcare facilities and family centers – play a crucial role in this regard, since they can broaden opportunities and minimize risks. Our program addresses the question of how to invest in education effectively. Achieving equal educational opportunity requires an unequal allocation of resources. Until now, however, there has been a lack of knowledge and transparency about which resources are needed for ensuring high-quality educational opportunities that are also fair – and where they must be deployed. In our projects, we therefore provide a foundation for strategic management and quality-development activities, especially in early education, that are evidence-based. We also advocate for dovetailing family and educational policies to make them more successful. We make challenges transparent and develop management tools that allow for effective investment. Not least, we raise awareness that, when it comes to education, cost-saving measures can prove expensive in the long run.