Organizational chart: Organizational chart of the Bertelsmann Stiftung

Corporate Operations

Corporate Operations consists of the departments Finance & Tax /Asset Management, Human Resources & Legal, Controlling, Information Technology, and Services. Its goal is to ensure accuracy and accountability, coordinate financial and human resources, and make the foundation more cost-effective and efficient on an ongoing basis.

Corporate Finance and Tax

The Corporate Finance & Tax department oversees accounting procedures for all of the foundation's business transactions. It also produces its annual financial statement, including its profit-and-loss report. It ensures that the Bertelsmann Stiftung makes use of its resources in keeping with the foundation's bylaws, German tax law and the country's laws governing nonprofit organizations. It is accountable to both the Bertelsmann Stiftung's governance bodies and public-sector regulatory authorities. Its asset management team is responsible for investing the foundation's liquid assets and overseeing its cash management activities.

Corporate HR

A core responsibility of the Corporate Human Resources (HR) department is recruiting and developing motivated employees so they can tackle the challenging tasks required by the Bertelsmann Stiftung's projects. This includes carrying out the foundation's annual HR capacity planning, overseeing the ongoing deployment of personnel and implementing HR-related organization development measures. Corporate HR creates HR policies that promote a culture of work, learning and partnership. Moreover, it is responsible for answering all questions relating to employment contracts, workplace conditions and employees' rights.

The Legal team provides advice and support for all legal issues relating to contracts. It ensures that compliance measures and guidelines are observed.

Corporate Controlling

The members of the Controlling department serve as consultants and advisors for questions relating to budget planning, budget management, project proposals and cost effectiveness. The department provides business analysis and assessments. It also offers assistance when the foundation enters into financial partnerships with other organizations.

Corporate IT

The Corporate IT team provides assistance when technical issues arise relating to workplaces or events. It also serves as an advisor when information systems are being developed. In addition to further developing the foundation's IT landscape, its responsibilities include coordinating and managing the development of IT systems for individual projects.

Corporate Services

The Corporate Services department provides various types of support, including facility management, property services and strategic procurement. It is also responsible for the main Service Desk.