The young opera singer Chen Wang from China sings in the NEUE STIMMEN Master Class. The black-haired young woman stands in front of a red NEUE STIMMEN banner.

Follow NEUE STIMMEN's bright young opera talents

On Saturday, October 22nd, NEUE STIMMEN's 11th Master Class got underway with 13 talented young opera singers working to improve their vocal performance and stage presence with internationally renowned artists and coaches. This year, for the first time ever, opera enthusiasts can follow developments live with this year's Master Class!

There are four opportunities during this year’s week-long NEUE STIMMEN Master Class to experience the young singers at work. Viewers can watch events on the stage at the Gütersloh theater, either through Facebook Livestream or at

Open Master Class schedule:
25 Oct., 3 p.m.: Roberto Scandiuzzi
26 Oct., 11 a.m.: John Norris
26 Oct., 6 p.m.: Boris Orlob
27 Oct., 11 a.m.: Michelle Breedt

You can also take in the young artists at work, offline. The doors to the theater are open to opera enthusiasts during the Open Master Classes. No entry fee is required – you can just walk in, take a seat and enjoy the class!

What’s in store

Thirteen young opera talents from eleven countries, including Georgia, Germany, Japan, Mexico, South Africa and Turkey, are taking part in this year’s Master Class, which continues through the 29th of October. In addition to guidance on improving their vocal performance and artistic expression, each participant will receive professional development training in areas such as career planning, communication skills, contract managment, and agency and opera house cooperation that is tailored to their individual needs.

Internationally renowned vocal coaches and artists

Each year, a number of esteemed mentors and artists provide the young opera talents with combined personal and professional support. In addition to conductor Gustav Kuhn, who serves as the program’s artistic director, the program features ten further opera professionals: opera singers Roberto Scandiuzzi (bass) and Michelle Breedt (mezzosoprano), movement coach John Norris, mental trainer Friederike Janofske, stage director and dramatic adviser Andreas Leisner,  opera agent Boris Orlob and the pianists Markus Appelt, Yuka Beppu, Raffaele Cortesi and Fabio Vettraino.

Key goals for the Master Class

Liz Mohn, President of the NEUE STIMMEN program and Vice-Chair of the Executive Board of the Bertelsmann Stiftung, sees the key objective of the Master Class as providing these young talents a broad spectrum of support for a career in opera:

“It is important to me personally to support promising young opera talent through classes and the expertise of international professionals. When we listen to classical music, we are often unaware of how much hard work and sacrifice a vocal career demands of a person.”

Liz Mohn, President of the NEUE STIMMEN program and Vice-Chair of the Executive Board of the Bertelsmann Stiftung