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Dr. Thomas Horvath, Dr. Serguei Kaniovski, Dr. Thomas Leoni, Dr. Martin Spielauer, Dr. Thomas Url

The Impact of Education and Health on Labour Force Participation and the Macroeconomic Consequences of Ageing


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In the coming years, demographic change will lead to an aging and subsequently shrinking workforce in most industrialized countries. As a result, there are fewer and fewer people contributing to the economy's material prosperity. At the same time, the aging of the labor force dampens overall economic productivity.

The study uses micro- and macrosimulations to determine how, in addition to demographic change, education and health as well as better labor force integration of people with health problems will impact the development of labor force participation (number of people in the labor force and hours worked) in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Austria up to the year 2080 and what consequences this will have for the overall economy.

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