Cover SPOTLIGHT Healthcare: #SmartHealthSystems

Bertelsmann Stiftung (ed.)

Thomas Kostera, Timo Thranberend

SPOTLIGHT Healthcare: #SmartHealthSystems

Digitalization requires an effective strategy, compelling political leadership and a coordinating institution with a national mandate

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The #SmartHealthSystems study shows that in international comparison, Germany lags far behind in terms of digitalizing its healthcare sector. Of the 17 countries surveyed, Germany ranks 16th. Estonia, Canada, Denmark, Israel and Spain rank at the top of the list. The study also shows that success in the digital transformation of healthcare requires the presence of an effective strategy, compelling political leadership and a centralized institution with the political mandate to coordinate the digitalization process. In Germany, those responsible for health policy must adopt a more pro-active approach and take the lead in determining the process of digitalization.

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