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Smart Country – Connected. Intelligent. Digital.

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Reinhard Mohn Prize 2017
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94 pages, E-Book
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As the digital divide between urban and rural regions grows, not everyone everywhere benefits from the opportunities of digital transformation. This year’s Reinhard Mohn Prize “Smart Country – Connected. Intelligent. Digital.” highlights digital solutions that strengthen social inclusion and the quality of life across regions and socioeconomic groups. The results of this year’s international search for good practices in the areas of health and care, mobility and logistics, public administration, and learning and information policy are featured in this publication. Also featured are the lessons learned from pioneering digital nations such as Austria, Estonia, Israel and Sweden which have application for Germany as it develops its own national digital strategy, builds its network infrastructure, deepens digital competencies and advances the intelligent application of technology.

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Cover Smart Country

Das Projekt Smart Country hat von 2017 bis 2022 die Chancen und Herausforderungen der Digitalisierung und des demografischen Wandels für Kommunen untersucht. Wir haben zahlreiche Antworten auf die Frage gefunden, wie Digitalisierung dabei unterstützen kann, den demografischen Wandel zu meistern und Regionen attraktiv zu halten.