Reinhard Mohn

Reinhard Mohn Complete Works

  • 1. edition 2010, 1652 pp (Hardcover)

    7 Bände im Schuber, Leinen

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Like almost no other business leader, Reinhard Mohn critically examined the political and cultural developments of the past few decades. In numerous publications he formulated the sociopolitical conviction that developed during his many years in the business community, namely that entrepreneurial thought and democratic values cannot be set in opposition to each other. In addition, he believed that only by acknowledging the importance of personal freedom and people-first attitudes can we respond effectively to the challenges that globalization brings.

Following Reinhard Mohn's death in October 2009, this collection brings together for the first time all of his books, lectures and essays in one complete set:

- A Global Lesson

- An Age of New Possibilities

- Humanity Wins

- Success through Partnership

- Lectures and Essays I-III