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Richard Grieveson, Branimir Jovanovic, Miriam Kosmehl, Michael Landesmann, Olha Pindyuk, Maryna Tverdostup, Stefani Weiss

Outlier or not? The Ukrainian economy’s preparedness for EU accession

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Already facing over $400 billion in reconstruction costs in 2023 and an ongoing war, Ukraine confronts seemingly insurmountable challenges for EU accession. Even without compensating for war damages, the financial burden of aligning with the EU is significant. Our study highlights synergies between the EU accession process and reconstruction: with consistent guidance, costs for rebuilding and economic modernisation can go hand in hand. The EU accession path can serve as a critical catalyst, enabling Ukraine’s economy to emulate the convergence success of EU-CEE countries with a focus on sustainable, green and digital development. Breaking the cycle of weak FDI attraction and addressing demographic challenges will be crucial.

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