Bertelsmann Stiftung (ed.)

Bertelsmann Stiftung - Annual Report 2018

  • 2019, 50 pp (Annual Report)
  • Free of charge

Overall, 2018 was an eventful year, one in which the issue of social cohesion played a particularly significant role for us. In June 2018, the Reinhard Mohn Prize, dedicated to the topic “Living Diversity – Shaping Society,” was awarded to former German President Joachim Gauck. We thus honored an outstanding individual who takes a clear position by actively endorsing social diversity.
Last year we invested €86 million in nonprofit activities. Our Annual Report 2018 provides an overview of the expenditures and resources we dedicated to our project work, along with the issues we addressed and the outcomes we achieved.

If you would like more information about individual topics or projects, please feel free to contact our experts directly. We look forward to your ideas and suggestions!



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