Bertelsmann Stiftung (ed.)

Balanced E-Government

E-Government – Connecting Efficient Administration and Responsive Democracy

  • 1. edition 2002 (PDF)
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Throughout the world the Internet is impacting all areas of life – business and politics as well as the cultural and private spheres. For some time the dynamism of these seismic changes has also been felt in the public sector – in the activity of local authorities, the State and administration. Those in positions of responsibility at all levels have recognized that a developed net culture can contribute to a realization of those visions that are being discussed under the key term New Public Management. Internationally, the competition to devise the best concepts and implementation strategies is intense. Everything is in a state of flux: a single strategy for achieving the objective of good e-governance does not exist. As this study is intended to show, successful e-government concepts require the necessary courage to come up with innovative solutions as well as the willingness to constantly re-learn.