Shipping and Handling


Your order will be sent with an invoice which is included in the package. If your order includes items for payment shipping costs will be invoiced. Within Germany the charge is € 3.00 for each package. Please note: no credit cards are accepted. 

Outside of Germany we ship orders using standard postal delivery. For orders within Europe, especially in F, I, E, P, CH and A, the shipping costs are € 6.00 per order. Outside these countries there are individual shipping costs. 

For orders outside Europe we generally ship oversees orders using airmail which costs about € 22.00 per kilogramm. If you want to use a different method of shipment please indicate that method when you place your order using the box Further comments. 

You should receive your order in Germany within 2 - 3 days. Shipments outside Germany and out of Europe will take about 10 - 14 days. 

If your order includes only products free of charge shipping costs will not be invoiced. 

Note to our customers in the UK or regarding deliveries to an address in the UK:
Due to the lack of clarity regarding the formal conditions of trade between the UK and Germany as well as already existing bottlenecks in deliveries to the UK, book deliveries to the UK are currently not possible. In the interest of the customer, a payment reversal is to be avoided.
Thank you for your cooperation.