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Publikation: Summary #SmartHealthSystems – Focus Europe

The #SmartHealthSystems study shows European Union Member States are advancing at different speeds in the digital transformation of the healthcare ...

SPOTLIGHT Healthcare: SPOTLIGHT Healthcare: #SmartHealthSystems

The #SmartHealthSystems study shows that in international comparison, Germany lags far behind in terms of digitalizing its healthcare ...

Digital Health Index


Digital Health Index

Digital Health Index
Rank Country Index
1 Estonia (EST) 81.92
2 Canada (CAN) 74.73
3 Denmark (DNK) 72.47
4 Israel (ISR) 72.45
5 Spain (ESP) 71.36
6 NHS* England (GBR) 69.98
7 Sweden (SWE) 68.26
8 Portugal (PRT) 67.19
9 Netherlands (NLD) 66.05
10 Austria (AUT) 59.81
11 Australia (AUS) 57.31
12 Italy (ITA) 55.81
13 Belgium (BEL) 54.67
14 Switzerland (CHE) 40.62
15 France (FRA) 31.61
16 Germany (GER) 30.02
17 Poland (POL) 28.52
*National Health Service Average: 58.99


Everyone with a stake in the health care system agrees: Digitization is changing health care delivery. But attitudes toward digital transformation’s limits and opportunities vary widely. With its “Digital Patient” project, the Bertelsmann Stiftung identifies trends in the field while offering solutions to the new challenges we face. This blog serves as a platform for discussion on issues addressed by the project.