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Analysis: Algorithms in Digital Healthcare

They support medical decisions, predict possible effects of drugs or identify signs of mental disorders among users of social media: the spectrum of potential applications of algorithms in health care is growing. However, there is still no societal debate on the opportunities and risks of using algorithms.

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#SmartHealthSystems: Digital Health: Europe is moving at different speeds

Electronic health records prevent dangerous drug interactions, telemedicine connects doctor and patient no matter where they are, health apps strengthen the chronically ill. In the digital transformation of the healthcare sector, however, European Union Member States are advancing at different speeds.

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The Digital Patient: Digitization for Health

Whereas all healthcare stakeholders agree that digitization is changing their field, there are many different views regarding the opportunities and limits inherent to this trend. Through its Digital Patient program, the Bertelsmann Stiftung offers studies, strategic action plans and forums for debate to help promote the development of technology in service to healthcare.

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Interview: “The system needs to focus more on the people who use it”

Informed patients, treatment that reflects actual needs, stable financing – in this interview Director Uwe Schwenk discusses why Germany’s healthcare system has to focus more on the people who use it. He also discusses the issues the Bertelsmann Stiftung’s Health projects are currently focusing on.