Nechemia Peres

Award ceremony for the Reinhard Mohn Prize 2020

„Fostering Innovation. Unlocking Potential.“

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the award ceremony honoring recipient Nechemia (“Chemi”) Peres will be held as an online event on October 28, 2021. The livestream will begin at 11:00 a.m. CEST.

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The Reinhard Mohn Prize is given in memory of the Bertelsmann Stiftung's founder, Reinhard Mohn (1921–2009). The prize recognizes internationally esteemed individuals who have played a key role in developing solutions to the societal and political challenges we face. Each year, the Reinhard Mohn Prize focuses on a new theme. With issues ranging from civic participation to sustainability to immigration, the Reinhard Mohn Prize addresses challenges currently faced by society. Global research is conducted in advance of the award to identify innovative responses to the challenges we face that will have a profound impact on Germany's future.

The Reinhard Mohn Prize 2020

Within the framework of the Reinhard Mohn Prize 2020, the Bertelsmann Stiftung conducted a global search – under the heading of “Fostering Innovation. Unlocking Potential.” – for notable examples of mechanisms and strategies that could be applied to promoting innovative capacity in Germany and Europe. The aim of our efforts has been to ensure not only that Germany remains technologically – and thus economically – competitive, but also to ensure that our economic development remains humane, inclusive and democratic. 

This is especially important because innovative capacity is one of the key drivers of building a socially desirable and ecologically sustainable future. Particularly in an era of rapid technological change in which we face enormous global challenges, we need now more than ever targeted and accelerated innovation that helps us develop as a society.

In the future, only communities that face up to global competition and repeatedly demonstrate their ability to innovate and perform can succeed and endure.

Reinhard Mohn


Our Laureate: Nechemia J. Peres

Nechemia (“Chemi”) J. Peres, chairman of the Board of Directors of Israel’s Peres Center for Peace and Innovation, is the recipient of the Reinhard Mohn Prize 2020. In presenting the Reinhard Mohn Prize 2020 to Nechemia Peres, we recognize his outstanding commitment to promoting innovation that serves the economy and society in equal measure.

With great foresight and a broad international network of partners, Chemi Peres has, for years, promoted innovation in key areas such as entrepreneurship, healthcare, industry, the environment and sports. Much of this he has done through the activities of the Peres Center. Through his work, his diplomatic acumen, and his capacity for empathy, Chemi Peres continues the legacy of his father, Shimon Peres, who founded the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation in 1996 to foster innovation and economic progress in Israel. The Peres Center also works to promote peaceful coexistence among all citizens of Israel, as well as lasting peace between Israel and its neighbors across the Middle East.

Chemi Peres shows how innovation can help people experience more prosperity, both individually and on a societal level, and how it can contribute to the peaceful development of societies. As a person and an entrepreneur, he is a role model for all those who act on the belief that business also bears a responsibility to society.

Dr. Brigitte Mohn

Member of the Executive Board, Bertelsmann Stiftung

In addition, Chemi Peres is a champion of the “innovation and start-up nation” Israel. He has helped several innovative start-up companies achieve regional and international success, promoting and supporting them through his position as head of the Pitango Fund and his other activities. Driven by the deep conviction that innovation can bring peace while fostering societal development, his efforts to advance this vision have impacted communities across and beyond the Middle East.


I am a great believer in the future, and that science and technology can be a source of power and social cohesion. Peace can be built through innovation.

Nechemia J. Peres

Reinhard Mohn Prize 2020 Laureate

Our Award Ceremony: The Agenda

11:00 – Event begins

  • Welcome
  • Opening discussion with Dr. Brigitte Mohn, Member of the Executive Board, Bertelsmann Stiftung
  • Keynote by Audrey Tang, Digital Minister, Taiwan
  • Laudatory speech and presentation of the award by Liz Mohn, Founder and Honorary Member of the Board of Trustees, Bertelsmann Stiftung
  • Laureate discussion with Chemi Peres, Managing Partner and Co-Founder, Pitango Venture Capital and Chairman, The Peres Center for Peace and Innovation, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel
  • Closing discussion with Chemi Peres and Dr. Brigitte Mohn

12:30 – Event comes to a close

Moderation: Conny Czymoch

The event will feature simultaneous interpretation.

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