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International Conference, 4th November 2019: Does Germany need more Choosing Wisely?

Whether it’s because old habits die hard, or because of fears of liability, disincentive effects in the payment system or simply misguided expectations among patients – there are many reasons why, in certain situations, doctors will provide and patients receive more care than they need.

Our conference traced the steps leading to medical care overuse and introduced Choosing Wisely as a physician-led counter-movement. Leaders in the field from Canada, Newzealand, the Netherlands and Germany reported on their experiences and achievements with Choosing Wisely. By bringing together international experts with health policy and medical experts and decision-makers, we discussed ideas and practices from other countries that could be of interest for Germany as it aims to improve patient care.

Our picture gallery provides impressions of our international conference, at which around 100 participants exchanged views on "Choosing Wisely". The majority of the speakers have made their presentations available for download.  



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