Gesichter junger Menschen

Next Generation and Society – Sustainable. Digital. Engaged.

Today’s young people need better opportunities to help shape a sustainable future. Many of them are worried about the future and the burdens older generations will pass on to them. Young people are calling for sustainable, intergenerational policies and economic systems that do not diminish their and other future generations’ opportunities for a decent life. In line with our project objective, “Empowering Youth for a Sustainable Future”, our activities aim to encourage young people from all backgrounds to work together to become more active as changemakers, to catalyse efforts towards a more sustainable future.



Foto Marek Wallenfels
Marek Wallenfels
Foto Susanne Bendicks
Susanne Bendicks
Senior Project Assistant
Foto Monika Diaz
Monika Diaz
Project Assistant
Foto Jessica Gerke
Jessica Gerke
Project Manager
Foto Sibylle Sophie Gröbel
Sibylle Sophie Gröbel
Project Manager
Foto Anja Langness
Dr. Anja Langness
Senior Project Manager
Foto Regina von Görtz
Dr. Regina von Görtz