Forum against Fakes: Innovative project kicks off on 24. January 2024

Forum against Fakes – Together for a strong democracy: recent digital innovations mean that is now easy for false information and “fake” images, videos or audio recordings to spread rapidly. . This can lead to insecurity and loss of trust within our society, and ultimately threaten democracy itself. Bertelsmann Stiftung is organising a Germany-wide citizen participation project – the “Forum against Fakes” – to tackle these developments.

Contact persons

Foto Dominik Hierlemann
Dr. Dominik Hierlemann
Senior Advisor
Foto Angela Jain
Dr. Angela Jain
Senior Project Manager
Anna Renkamp
Senior Project Manager


Forum against Fakes – Together for a strong democracy is a Bertelsmann Stiftung project in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community, the Stiftung Mercator and the Michael Otto Foundation for Sustainability. It is supported by the news portal T-Online, the initiative #UseTheNews and a project advisory board. 

The purpose of the project is to explore better ways for citizens to deal with disinformation. Around 120 citizens selected at random from the entire population of Germany will work together to develop proposals based on their day-to-day experiences. A unique feature is the combination of these intensive discussions with broad-based online participation by a large number of citizens. 

The results of the citizen participation scheme will be used as a source of information for various aspects of the work of the Ministry of the Interior and Community, such as the development of a strategy to combat disinformation, or its work in committees and international networks. Although handling disinformation is, on the one hand, an issue for each individual citizen, it is also a challenge for society as a whole. The aim of the project “Forum against Fakes” is to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard.