Impact Investing: Financing Social Change

At its core, social impact investment is about bridging the gap between social impact creation and the provision of capital. The development of a market for social impact investment enlarges the capital base for socially motivated organisations and thus provides space for prevention, innovation and scaling-up of impactful approaches in the social sector.

Social Impact Investment - Turn Your Money Into Real Change


Publication: Strengthening Prevention in Family Assistance Programmes in the District of Osnabrück

Together with other partners, the district of Osnabrück is carrying out a pilot project from September 2017 to September 2021. This project ...

Publication: Social Impact Investment in Germany - Market Report 2016

In the three years since the publication of the last market report, the German market for social impact investment has grown, but is still in ...

Publication: Risk, Return... and Impact?

In cooperation with the Institute of Business Administration at the University of Stuttgart, the Bertelsmann Stiftung offers insights into current ...

Publication: Social Impact Investing: Financing Social Change

The report of the National Advisory Board Germany provides an overview over the German Social Impact Investment market, examines the supply and ...

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