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How competences can be validated – 3rd VPL Biennale in Berlin

On 7 and 8 May 2019, 300 experts, practitioners and policy-makers from 40 countries met in Berlin and exchanged knowledge, ideas and visions on how to make Validation of Prior Learning (VPL) policies work. The collection of good practices and recommendations resulted in the formulation and public adoption of the Berlin Declaration on VPL – which paves the way for a stronger and more sustainable implementation of VPL. Now, the seventh volume of the Series VPL Biennale is published, which reports good practices and good policies presented at the 3rd VPL Biennale.

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The participants of the conference worked hard for a common goal: To give the VPL community a founding document. The product of a bottom-up process, the Berlin Declaration is meant as a grassroots push for stakeholders and policy makers to make validation policies bolder, more effective and more inclusive. Here you can find the adopted Berlin Declaration on Validation of Prior Learning. It contains six paragraphs, mirroring the six policy tracks of the 3rd VPL Biennale.

  1. Organisational arrangements
  2. Financing
  3. Procedures and instruments
  4. Support structures
  5. Post-validation pathways
  6. Legal foundations

The Berlin Declaration on Validation or Prior Learning aspires to be an international benchmark for validation systems and thereby is meant to establish a common language and common goals among the practitioners, stakeholders and policy makers.

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Here you can download the VPL Books, including the recently published book “Making Policy Work”, VPL-Biennale series nr 7.