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Dialogue with the neighbours: Young Leaders for Europe

The annual Young Leaders for Europe forum is held in cooperation with the Heinz Nixdorf Stiftung. The focus in on EU relations with its southern and eastern neighbours.

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Europe’s neighbours: Fostering stability and solidarity

Without stability in its southern and eastern neighbourhood, the EU cannot cope with the challenges of migration. Without more solidarity and understanding within the EU, further divides in the Union will be difficult to prevent.

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Internal market and euro: Achieving economic union

Prosperity and growth in Europe depend on a functioning single market and a stable monetary union. Both need to be deepened. What does economic sense and what is politically feasible, this project investigated.

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Social Europe: Safeguarding social inclusion in the EU

SIM Europe is a social policy monitoring instrument for the EU 28. How can social imbalances in the member states be identified and redressed? How is it possible to demonstrate – including quantitatively – where national influence is dwindling and a need to legislate at the EU level is emerging?

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Efficient and responsive to citizens: Can European policy be efficient and relevant to EU citizens?

The financial and economic crisis has laid bare serious structural flaws in the European Union. To address these, Europeans need to answer some fundamental questions. Do we need more Europe or less? And on what terms? In which policy areas? Opinions abound, but we are after the facts.