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Eupinions: Europeans are divided on the state of their society

Europeans will primarily determine who set the tone in Brussels and Strasbourg in the future. However, they are divided on their assessment of society and the EU. The pessimists among them have more sympathy for the national-populist movements, while the optimists support pro-European parties. One thing unites both camps, however: The vast majority wants to take part in the European elections.

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eupinions: We'll be fine. How people in the EU27 view Brexit

The political drama called Brexit leaves observers in London fascinated, appalled or exhausted. Whereas in the UK, the tension seems to intensify with every twist and turn the British take on their way out of the European Union, Europeans on the continent seem to be surprisingly detached. They support their country's membership in the EU in ever greater numbers, and calmly carry on with their daily business.  

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Eupinions: Knowledge of Algorithms Limited among Europeans

Many citizens across the European Union lack a basic understanding of algorithms. As part of a cross-national representative survey conducted in Europe, we have examined what Europeans know about algorithms, what they think of them, and what they hope algorithms can achieve.

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EUPINIONS: Make Europe great again? Europeans are longing for the past

It is popular to desire a supposedly better past: Donald Trump's promise to lead the US back to the top again took him to the White House. Brexit supporters have mobilized voters with memories of a time when the UK ruled the seas of the world. The latest issue of eupinions has studied how receptive Europeans are overall to the siren song of the "good old days".

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eupinions: Europeans see the EU as a protective umbrella in the era of globalization

Right-wing conservative parties are mobilizing votes throughout Europe with their criticism of globalization and the EU. By contrast, centrist parties cannot agree about how best to respond to this policy of rejection. The current edition of eupinions shows what Europeans think about globalization and the role the EU should play.

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Project description: eupinions

Europe is going through a hectic period of challenge and change. Economic and fiscal crises, threats to internal security, tectonic geo-political shifts along with Brexit and the questioning of Western values within the European Union are all exerting pressure on mainstream politics.

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eupinions: Germans are more optimistic about their future than their European neighbours

The refugee crisis, Brexit, growing populism – recently there has been a spate of events and trends that have completely transformed the political landscape in Europe. But in Germany, these changes predominantly seem to be fostering the need for stability. Our new "eupinions" study shows that the Germans are much more optimistic and satisfied than other Europeans.

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Survey: Before the presidential election: The French are more politically polarized than other Europeans

Neither Emmanuel Macron nor Marine Le Pen represent one of the large, centrist political parties of France. But whoever will win – one of the greatest challenges may well be reconciling the French electorate. Our EU wide survey shows that politically speaking, the French are more polarized and more pessimistic than other Europeans.

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Analysis: France before the election: Where is the country headed?

Who will take up residence in the Élysée Palace? The French are choosing their next president in a two-step process, with a first-round election on April 23 and a runoff on May 7. The results of the vote in one of Europe's most populous and economically important nations will send a signal to the entire continent. We take a look at the country's economic and social situation and its global ties.

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Eupinions: Globalisation fears weigh heavily on European voters

Protest voters and populist politicians are shaking up the long-established political majorities in Europe and the USA. But what prompts voters to back parties who claim that they alone represent the interests of the people and are challenging the so-called establishment? A representative EU opinion poll attempts to uncover the reasons.