Picture Gallery: Trying Times 2019 – Picture Gallery

The international "Trying Times - Rethinking Social Cohesion" conference held in Berlin September 4-6, 2019 provided a forum for intensive exchange on the future of social cohesion. Around 80 participants from 22 countries had the opportunity to network and discuss in various formats. We have collected some impressions in this photo gallery.

The “<link en our-projects tryingtimes _top internal-link>Trying Times – Rethinking Social Cohesion” conference took place in Berlin, September 4-6, 2019. A roundtable discussion was followed up by a production conference which, over the next day and a half, provided countless opportunities for intensive debate and networking through interactive formats that were supported by digital instruments.

Globalization, digitalization and demographic change are shaping how we get along in communities and societies around the world today. At the international Trying Times conference, some 80 thought leaders from 22 countries discussed the future of social cohesion.

Trying Times