Video: Reinhard Mohn Prize 2017 - Our award winner Toomas Hendrik Ilves

This year's Reinhard Mohn Prize "Smart Country: Connected. Intelligent. Digital." has been awarded to Toomas Hendrik Ilves, the former President of Estonia, on June 29, 2017 in Gütersloh, Germany, in honor of his pioneering work on the promotion of digitalization in government, education and public services.

Smart technology is impacting all of us. It's changing our lives every day. In the rounds of education, of work and in our whole approach to social interaction the world is undergoing a digital transformation. How does a nation become a "smart country"? How will inclusion be achieved? We hosted these questions in a worldwide study conducted in conjunction with this year's Reinhard Mohn Prize and found answers in four different countries – Austria, Sweden, Israel and Estonia – that can also help to make a positive difference to life back home in Germany.