Video: Francesca Lionetti on how cities can lead the way in managing diversity

As culturally diverse environments, cities must develop sound strategies for communal living. The Council of Europe’s Francesca Lionetti introduces the Intercultural Cities Programme and explains how cities can show the way forward in managing diversity issues.

What are the factors contributing to success in living diversity? What challenges does diversity pose for society, and how can we meet these challenges?

Our Living Diversity - Shaping Society project takes a close look at the reality of diversity in today's German society and asks how we can develop effective approaches to living together in cultural diversity that target social inclusion and allow everyone the opportunity to participate in all aspects of society.

The interview with Francesca Lionetti was conducted in Berlin as part of our expert workshop on diversity issues in advance of the Reinhard Mohn Prize 2018. Additional interviews will be made available in the coming weeks.