Encouraging Engagement: „jungbewegt – For Engagement and Democracy."

Democracy means: living, thinking, acting in freedom. Only those who are committed to values such as tolerance, solidarity and freedom of opinion accept responsibility for the common good. "jungbewegt" promotes commitment, participation and democracy education in daycare centers, schools and youth facilities and links political and social learning.

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: [Translate to English:] Meisterkurs Oper

[Translate to English:] International bekannt ist der Gesangswettbewerb NEUE STIMMEN, mit dem weltweit Talente entdeckt und gefördert werden. Die Vorbereitungen für die Durchführung im Jahr 2018 laufen gerade an.

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Fostering mutual understanding: Building bridges for future dialog

German-Israeli relations are facing new challenges today. With this situation in mind, the Bertelsmann Stiftung initiated the German-Israeli Young Leaders Exchange.

Forum: Shaping Tomorrow’s World at the Young Leaders Forum

Young high-potentials from Asia and Europe discuss current affairs and future challenges at the Asia-Europe Young Leaders Forum. (YLF). Every two years Bertelsmann Stiftung organizes the Forum together with the Asia-Pacific Committee of German Business (APA). The established network lasts well beyond the YLF.

Vertrauen Wagen - eine Konferenz mit Pionieren der Deutsch-Chinesischen Beziehungen, 23.-24. September 2013 in Beijing an der Bei Da/ Beijing  University.
Programm Inhalt: 
2 Vormittage Workshop der Pioniere, 2 Nachmittage Konferenz, 1 Abendgala(© Jan Siefke)

Events: Building Bridges Through Information and Exchange

Renowned experts discuss challenges and strategies for Europe and Asia at Bertelsmann Stiftung events. Our conferences and briefings are open to the public. Come and join the debate!

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Studies: Putting Asia into perspective through in-depth studies

Our studies examine current developments in Asia's most important countries and develop strategies for better cooperation. They deal with the positive as well as the negative effects on Germany of Asia's rise to power.

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Asia Policy Briefs: Policy Briefs on Current Affairs

The informed analysis of crucial political and economic developments in Asia is at the heart of our publication series, the “Asia Policy Briefs”. Contributors are renowned experts and authors of the Bertelsmann Stiftung who reflect on the impact of events in Asia on Germany and Europe.

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Germany and Asia: How Asia Shapes the Future of Germany

Asia is certain to leave its mark on the 21st century. The rapid changes taking place there, especially in China and India, are altering the global balance of power. For Germany, this development brings opportunities and risks. The program “Germany and Asia” offers advice and orientation.

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Study: Brazil and Germany: A 21st-Century Relationship

Brazil and Germany present many opportunities for fruitful bilateral trade and investment. This is the result of a study authored by the Bertelsmann Stiftung's Global Economic Dynamics project and a team of economists from Brazil's Fundação Getúlio Vargas.

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Asia Policy Brief: Jokowi's Victory: A New Era for Indonesia?

With the election of its new president, Joko "Jokowi" Widodo, Indonesia is now entering a new era. In the current Asia Policy Brief, Andreas Ufen, senior research fellow at the GIGA Institute of Asian Studies in Hamburg, examines what the victory means for the country's democratic development.