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German engagement for Chinese society: Award Ceremony "More Than A Market 2019"

More than 100 German companies presented their social projects as the More than a Market Awards were given for the fourth time.

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SDG Report 2019: Long in words but short on action: UN sustainability goals are threatened to fail

In 2015, the international community pledged to jointly contribute to better economic, ecological and social development by 2030. In September, the heads of state and government will meet again for the first time to review the situation. The current SDG report shows that while the global community talks a lot about sustainability goals, it does not invest enough in implementing them.

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Event: Trying Times 2019: Pre-Conference Workshop

From September 4 - 6, 2019, we will be exploring the future of social cohesion at our international conference “Trying Times - Rethinking Social Cohesion” to be held in Berlin. In preparing for this event, the project team held a pre-conference workshop in Berlin in April with a group of personalities invited to take part in the conference this fall.

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Study: Brexit: The Weakest Link in the Production Chain?

Germany and the United Kingdom have forged close production networks, which are threatened by Brexit. A new study commissioned by the Bertelsmann Stiftung shows in which sectors particularly tight value chains exist and therefore the highest costs are to be expected due to Brexit.

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Asia Briefing: Easternisation – Is Asia’s Rise the West’s Decline?

The Bertelsmann Stiftung invites you to a public lecture by the Asia expert and bestselling author, Gideon Rachman, as part of the "Asia-Pacific Week Berlin 2019": On Tuesday, May 14, 2019
from 18:00 – 20:00 followed by a reception at the Bertelsmann Premises Unter den Linden 1
10117 Berlin

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Trilogue Salzburg 2019: Fragmented Realities - Regaining a Common Understanding of Truth

Mis- and disinformation, propaganda and manipulation have always been part of human communication – they are as old as the lies one is sometimes tempted to tell. 

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Event: Building bridges for social cohesion: Young Europeans’ Forum 2019

Social cohesion doesn’t happen by itself – it has to be actively shaped. How to achieve that goal was the topic discussed by 100 socially committed young adults from 24 European countries at our Young Europeans’ Forum (#YEF19) on “Building bridges for social cohesion,” held from June 25 to 27 in Berlin. The Bertelsmann Stiftung organized the #YEF19 together with the Aladdin Project and in cooperation with UNESCO.

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T20 Task Force: Project "Demographic Resilience and Participation" Taking Part in T20 Task Force

In the global Think20 network, numerous think tanks and experts from the G20 countries join forces to develop solutions to urgent global issues. This year, for the first time, a task force has been set up to address the international trend of population aging and its economic impacts.  

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Asia Policy Brief: Outpaced by the chain - How Blockchain is being promoted in East Asia

Blockchain is one key technology that will dominate the economy in the near future. China, Japan and South Korea protect their blockchain innovations with patents. By the time German players wake up, the field will have been staked out. Applications can be bought, but others will have the control and the earnings. The private sector and government in Germany should drop their skeptical attitude, invest in research and test practical applications, argues Finn Mayer-Kuckuk.

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Eupinions: Knowledge of Algorithms Limited among Europeans

Many citizens across the European Union lack a basic understanding of algorithms. As part of a cross-national representative survey conducted in Europe, we have examined what Europeans know about algorithms, what they think of them, and what they hope algorithms can achieve.

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