100 Days of Trump: Chaos, Course-Correction and Chocolate Cake

A president who has shown little understanding of the institutions of American democracy and, in contrast to his campaign promise, has proved willing to interfere in international conflicts. The first 100 days of Donald Trump in the White House has yielded spectacular headlines but few tangible results. Anthony Silberfeld, Director of Transatlantic Relations at the Bertelsmann Foundation in Washington, D.C., delivers an interim review. read more...



Technological Innovation Promises to Reshape Global Economy

Advances in technology – from the Internet of things to artificial intelligence, automation and big data – promise to reshape the labor market and economy in dramatic ways, said Denis McDonough, former chief of staff to U.S. President Barack Obama, at the ninth annual Bertelsmann Foundation-Financial Times conference in Washington, DC. read more...



France before the election: Where is the country headed?

Who will take up residence in the Élysée Palace? The French are choosing their next president in a two-step process, with a first-round election on April 23 and a runoff on May 7. The results of the vote in one of Europe's most populous and economically important nations will send a signal to the entire continent. We take a look at the country's economic and social situation and its global ties. read more...

Munich Security Conference 2017


Urgent need to tackle root causes for flight and migration

Why are more and more people from Africa, Asia and Southeastern Europe leaving their native countries? And what can we do to fight the root causes of flight and migration? In this context we launched a new publication and debated with EU and Middle East experts on 17 February at the Munich Security Conference. read more...



Displacement's vicious circle: combating the causes, offering practical help

They leave their families behind and set forth on what are often life-threatening journeys towards an uncertain future: Why are more and more people from Africa, Asia and Southeastern Europe leaving their native countries? It's an issue we researched together with international experts. The goal was to develop ideas for combating the underlying causes of displacement and assisting people in Europe. read more...


Asia Policy Brief

Can Modi make the elephant dance?

Narendra Modi's commendable plan to transform India's welfare system and bring in sustainable development through radical market-driven reforms is challenged by infrastructure bottlenecks and the realities of rural India. read more...

58th Presidential Inaugural Ceremony


The Trump Doctrine: America First, America First

With hawkish rhetoric at his inauguration, Donald Trump stayed true to his campaign strategy and irritated also international allies. But the "America First" agenda of the new US president could be turned upside-down soon, as Anthony Silberfeld, Director of Transatlantic Relations at the Washington-based Bertelsmann Foundation, comments. read more...



Inside Washington: Views on Trump and Transatlantic Relations

The US Presidential election campaign revealed few details about the direction of America's transatlantic policy under a Trump administration. In the absence of clear policy direction, we asked a bi-partisan group of politicians and experts in Washington, DC to give us a preview of what to expect from the 45th President. read more...