Munich Security Conference 2017


Urgent need to tackle root causes for flight and migration

Why are more and more people from Africa, Asia and Southeastern Europe leaving their native countries? And what can we do to fight the root causes of flight and migration? In this context we launched a new publication and debated with EU and Middle East experts on 17 February at the Munich Security Conference. read more...



Displacement's vicious circle: combating the causes, offering practical help

They leave their families behind and set forth on what are often life-threatening journeys towards an uncertain future: Why are more and more people from Africa, Asia and Southeastern Europe leaving their native countries? It's an issue we researched together with international experts. The goal was to develop ideas for combating the underlying causes of displacement and assisting people in Europe. read more...


Policy Paper

Brexit and the EU Budget: Threat or Opportunity?

This paper analyses the implications of Brexit for EU’s public finances. The authors draw up four scenarios that outline how the EU could react to the expected budget shortfall after Brexit and highlight the political implications of each scenario. read more...



Trump, Merkel and the Middle East: Cooperation needed

War in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Afghanistan, the fight against terrorism, social protests and the refugee question: Europe and the USA face multiple challenges in the wider Middle East and North Africa region (MENA), which is arguably the most crisis-ridden in the world. What next with new US-President Trump? read more...

General vue


Benefits and costs of the DCFTA

 What are benefits and costs of the free-trade agreements (DCFTA) between the EU and Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine? And what has to happen so that their potential can be more beneficial? read more...



Brexit/Trump: Wake-up Calls For More Active EU

The year 2016 has brought big challenges to the European Union, manifested in Brexit and the election of Donald Trump as new US President. According to Bertelsmann Stiftung's chairman and CEO Aart De Geus, this situation calls for a future Europe that is attractive for all its citizens and one that can deliver on what they expect from the EU. read more...


eupinions Policy Brief 2016/01

What Millennials Think about the Future of the EU and the Euro

What do Europe’s millennials think about the EU and the euro? What do they know about the EU? And what changes would they like to see to the common currency? Anna auf dem Brinke, Katharina Gnath and Philipp Ständer analyse public opinion data for all 28 EU member states and draw lessons for policymakers. read more...



Globalisation fears weigh heavily on European voters

Protest voters and populist politicians are shaking up the long-established political majorities in Europe and the USA. But what prompts voters to back parties who claim that they alone represent the interests of the people and are challenging the so-called establishment? A representative EU opinion poll attempts to uncover the reasons. read more...