Shaping Democracy

Democratic institutions are increasingly under pressure – globally, throughout Europe and within Germany. We are committed to helping achieve diverse democracies with high levels of transparency, citizen participation, balanced budgets and sustainable policymaking.

Europe’s Future

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Vogelperspektive auf ein Rettungsboot voll mit Flüchtlingen und einem Hubschrauber im Mittelmeer.


Refugees in Italy: Europe holds the key

In front of the Italian coast still thousands of refugees drown or escape death at the last minute. The refugees who reach Italy's shores often face an uncertain future. Time has come to act. read more

International Governance

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Donald Trump steht bei seiner Antrittsrede als US-Präsident vor dem Kapitol in Washington am Rednerpult und hebt beim Sprechen den rechten Zeigefinger.


The Trump Doctrine: America First, America First

With hawkish rhetoric at his inauguration, Donald Trump stayed true to his campaign strategy and irritated also international allies. But the "America First" agenda of the new US president could be turned upside-down soon, as Anthony Silberfeld, Director of Transatlantic Relations at the Washington-based Bertelsmann Foundation, comments. read more

Blick auf den Tian’anmen-Platz in Peking. Im Hintergrund zu sehen ist das Tor des Himmlischen Friedens, der Eingang zur Verbotenen Stadt, dem Kaiserpalast.

Scenario study

China at crossroads: What about the Asian country's future?

In six scenarios we focus on China's future development and possible outcomes for Germany. read more

Visitors walk around the glass dome of the Reichstag building in Berlin, seat of the German parliament, the Bundestag.


Is Germany prepared to take the center stage in international affairs?

Our publication "Newpolitik" shall help policymakers in the US and the EU to better understand the rationale of Germany's policy decisions. read more