Shaping Democracy

Democratic institutions are increasingly under pressure – globally, throughout Europe and within Germany. We are committed to helping achieve diverse democracies with high levels of transparency, citizen participation, balanced budgets and sustainable policymaking.

Europe’s Future

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Lack of reforms for education and migration in the EU member states

In different areas the EU member states need reforms - especially in the fields of education and migration. That shows our Europe-wide survey under national experts. read more

International Governance

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Donald Trump talks to a female staff member in a doorway at the White House while waiting for Egypt's president Al Sisi. Through the opened door, one can see a saluting US soldier and several US flags.


100 Days of Trump: Chaos, Course-Correction and Chocolate Cake

A president who has shown little understanding of the institutions of American democracy and, in contrast to his campaign promise, has proved willing to interfere in international conflicts. The first 100 days of president Trump has yielded spectacular headlines but few tangible results. Anthony Silberfeld, Director of Transatlantic Relations at the Bertelsmann Foundation in Washington, D.C., delivers an interim review. read more

Asia Briefing 16. Mai 2017

Asia Briefing

The China story – a case of "fake history"?

The Chinese Communist Party is making considerable efforts to rewrite the past and establish its own tale of Chinese history. A powerfull narrative, but essentially wrong, historian Frank Dikötter emphasized at our Asia Briefing on May 16 in Berlin. read more

[Translate to English:] Vogelperspektive auf ein Rettungsboot voll mit Flüchtlingen und einem Hubschrauber im Mittelmeer.


Refugees in Italy: Europe holds the key

In front of the Italian coast still thousands of refugees drown or escape death at the last minute. The refugees who reach Italy's shores often face an uncertain future. Time has come to act. read more