Improving Education

Educational systems are only effective if they result in quality outcomes and offer all people the chance to succeed. We promote holistic attitudes toward education that make social participation and individual achievement possible, regardless of personal circumstances or social and ethnic background.

Early Childhood Education

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Early Childhood Education and Services for All! Policy Recommendations

Politische Handlungsempfehlungen für bessere Bildungs- und Teilhabechancen von Kindern mit Migrationserfahrungen sowie aus einkommensarmen ... read more


Under Pressure?

For children in single parent families, the risk of living in income poverty is extremely high. read more

Vocational Training and Continuing Education

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Ein Mann und eine Frau stehen in einem Büroraum und blicken in auf ein Schriftstück in einer Arbeitsmappe.


Recognizing non-formal and informal competences

A new study shows: European countries need a binding validation system for non-formally or informally acquired competences. read more


Germany´s dual vocational training system

Examination of the dual system in 11 elements. How can individual system elements be transferred? read more


When competences become occupational opportunities

This brochure that was published in cooperation with the Lifelong Learning Platform at the education policy challenges which arise in respect ... read more