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Event: Vision Europe Summit 2015: New Ideas for a Social Europe

Islamist terror, the Euro crisis and the migrant question pose a variety of challenges to Europe. Ensuring peace and stability within Europe will depend on how well social and welfare systems in Europe are maintained and fostered. How to go about this was the topic of the first Vision Europe Summit held in Berlin in November 2015.

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Survey: Europe's citizens see EU as guarantor of the welfare state

From Lisbon to Helsinki, people are both hopeful and fearful when it comes to the future of the welfare state. Above all, they are worried about pensions and elder care. A majority is counting on the EU to preserve social welfare standards and would even like Brussels to take a more active role.

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EU Reform: Will Cameron Get What he Wants?

What next for the EU and Great Britain? European think tanks have simulated possible outcomes of future negotiations with London about EU reforms.

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Vision Europe Summit: The European welfare state – visions for reform

Despite opposition by entrenched interests, welfare states in Europe need to be reformed if they shall be able to fulfill what they have been designed for namely social progress and security.

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Conference: The services sector as a growth engine for Europe

How can we further promote the economic integration of the single market? What potential for growth and jobs does the services sector offer? These are the key questions that experts discussed during a conference that was jointly organized by the Bertelsmann Stiftung and the European Commission in Brussels.

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Strategy Paper: Tunisia Needs a Security Package

The assassination of tourists in Sousse is a call: Tunisia needs European help in implementing democracy and market economy as well as speedy and robust support in building up its security sector. 

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Study: BREXIT could be expensive – especially for the United Kingdom…

Exiting the EU could cost the United Kingdom more than €300 billion. The remaining EU member states would only experience minor economic losses from an exit. But elections in the British House of Commons could set a course for a bitter economic and above all political setback for the entire EU.

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Study: The wage inequality becomes wider by the departure from collective agreements

The wage distribution in Germany has become increasingly unequal in recent years, especially since the mid-1990s. The decline in collective bargaining is a key driver for this development. By contrast, global trade merely plays a subordinate role. 

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Conference: A New Departure for the European Union

Is the new-look EU capable of making a fresh start? What are the political challenges for 2015? How can the EU stabilize relations with its neighbors? These issues were the focus of this year’s “Brussels Think Tank Dialogue”.

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: 2013 German-Spanish Forum

The 7th German-Spanish Forum in April 2013 focused on the educational systems of both countries.