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European Conference: For a Strong, Sovereign and United Europe

Under the heading “2020: Shaping the Future of Europe Together”, the Bertelsmann Stiftung and the German Foreign Office invited citizens, politicians and experts to a joint Event. The Citizens from Poland, France and Germany discussed with Foreign Ministers Heiko Maas and Ekaterina Zaharieva

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Stakeholder Dialogue: The EU and its neighbours:
How to strengthen the economy and civil society?

Learning from each other in order to strengthen their own economies through more partnership with the EU. In Marrakech, the Saham Foundation and the Bertelsmann Stiftung discussed possible solutions for achieving more intensive social and economic cooperation.

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Pre-election campaign USA: A Stress Test for US Democracy

The Democratic pre-election campaign is entering its decisive phase. March 3, 2020, or "Super Tuesday", will determine almost a third of the delegates who will take part in the summer Democratic national convention to decide who will challenge Donald Trump in November. The election campaign takes place against a backdrop of extreme party-political polarization in the USA.

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Commentary: Nine years after the end of dictatorship: Making international financial aid to Tunisia more effective

Tunisia is still the only functioning democracy in the Arab world. But the country urgently needs structural reforms. Europe should make its future financial injections dependent on the implementation of reform steps, recommend Christian-P. Hanelt and Isabelle Werenfels (SWP).

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Involuntarily Freelance: Social Justice and Labor Market Policy

The creation of better jobs is one of the U.N.’s demands to mark World Justice Day on February 20. Non-standard forms of employment are on the rise in the industrialized countries and the growing precarity is threatening the future of social welfare.

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Analysis: What Iowa Tells us About Trump's Chances in the Presidential Election

The United States' ongoing trade war could be President Donald Trump's biggest liability in the 2020 elections. Many of those bearing the brunt of the conflict are Trump supporters, especially in swing states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Iowa, which could impact his chance of reelection later this year. But also the Democrats struggle to convince voters in those states. Emily Hruban, Manager for Transatlantic Relations at the Bertelsmann Foundation in Washington, D.C., reports.

Award: Nechemia Peres to receive 2020 Reinhard Mohn Prize

The 2020 Reinhard Mohn Prize on "Fostering Innovation. Unlocking Potential" is being awarded to Nechemia ("Chemi") Peres, Chairman of the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation. In bestowing the prize, we are recognizing the entrepreneur for his outstanding efforts to promote innovation that serves both business and society. Due to the corona pandemic, the award ceremony will take place in 2021.

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International Women’s Day: Odds Still Stacked against Working Women in Europe

International Women’s Day on March 8 is around the corner again, offering Europe’s decision makers a fresh chance for Europe to admit that women still lag men in the workplace. Childcare provision is often in short supply and women are still much less likely than men to sit in the boss’ chair - but is Europe moving in the right direction?

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Interview: Brexit – "After they leave is when the negotiations will really start"

It's now final, right? In 2016, the UK voted to leave the EU. Now, three-and-a-half years, two prime ministers and one European election later, the divorce papers have been signed, which means Great Britain will exit the European Union on January 31. To find out what comes next, we spoke with our Europe expert, Christian Kastrop.


Climate Goals: Wind Power Slump Blows Germany off course on Climate Targets

Germany has forged a reputation as an energy transition pioneer, with its “energiewende” (energy transition) policy to flip over to renewables. But as construction of new wind energy turbines stagnates, can it still strike its ambitious climate targets?