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Transatlantic Forum on Inclusive Early Years (TFIEY): International Network: Reduce educational disadvantage by good Child Care Centers

In the beginning it counts. In the first years of life essential foundations for the well-being and overall development of a child be placed.

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Early Childhood Educations Systems: Important facts and figures on trends in ECEC

The "State by State: Monitoring Early Childhood Education" provides important facts and figures on ECEC for all German states.

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Project Description : Local actions on demand of children

Local Development – Opportunities for Children

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About the Project: Vocational Training: Opportunities for Everyone

The “Vocational Training: Opportunities for Everyone” initiative promotes reforms targeting greater flexibility of vocational training in Germany. Because everyone should have the chance to develop their skills and talents, vocational training should address a broader spectrum of capabilities among youths.

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More staff in childcare centers: Better Quality: Early childhood education centers need more staff

The quality of early childhood education often suffers because of a lack of personnel. Bertelsmann Stiftung calls for a federal law setting uniform standards for child care centers.

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Concert: May in Berlin – dare to dream

The International Singing Competition NEUE STIMMEN has its sights set on the future. Liz Mohn, co-chairwoman of Bertelsmann Stiftung, sent out invitations for the prize winners' concert at the Bertelsmann's offices on Unter den Linden in Berlin.

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Task Force Meeting: Financing social projects that make a difference

What can G-8 nations do to expand the global market for social impact investments? That was the question addressed by the Social Impact Investment Task Force on February 18 and 19 at the Bertelsmann Stiftung conference center in Berlin.