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Concert: 2014 NEUE STIMMEN Lied Master Class comes to a successful conclusion

At the end of the final concert for the third NEUE STIMMEN Lied Master Class on Friday evening in Gütersloh Theater, the standing ovation said it all. Four young singers had given compelling performances, singing lieder by Franz Schubert and Richard Strauss.

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Competition: An Artistic Network

Young people with marvelous voices who want to devote their live to the music are everywhere in the world. But how to discover them? How to bring them to an opera house and foster their careers?

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NEUE STIMMEN - Creating Careers: A network for the success

With the NEUE STIMMEN the Bertelsmann Stiftung creates a big opportunity for young vocal talents from all other the world, to realize a future with a singing career. The competition and master classes aim for a sustain career development.

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Concert: Twelve singers on their way to an international career

After a week of intensive work in the 2014 NEUE STIMMEN Master Class twelve young opera talents gave an enthralling final concert of well-known and demanding opera melodies last Saturday in the Bertelsmann Stiftung's foyer.

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Transatlantic Forum on Inclusive Early Years (TFIEY): International Netzwork: Reduce educational disadvantage by good childcare centers

In the beginning it counts. In the first years of life essential foundations for the well -being and overall development of a child be placed .

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February 7, 2014: German Federal President speaks on Vocational Education in Bangalore

Addressing some 100 Indian and German business leaders, politicians and academic experts, the German president enumerated the strengths of the "dual system" used in Germany, which successfully provides young people with both classroom instruction and on-site vocational training. "For the system to function, companies must be willing to take responsibility even beyond of their own business operations," Gauck said.

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Social Investment: Financing Social Change

At its core, social impact investment is about bridging the gap between social impact creation and the provision of capital. The development of a market for social impact investment enlarges the capital base for socially motivated organisations and thus provides space for prevention, innovation and scaling-up of impactful approaches in the social sector.

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: [Translate to English:] Meisterkurs Oper

[Translate to English:] International bekannt ist der Gesangswettbewerb NEUE STIMMEN, mit dem weltweit Talente entdeckt und gefördert werden. Die Vorbereitungen für die Durchführung im Jahr 2018 laufen gerade an.

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Family and ECEC/School: Children between opportunities and barriers

At the intersection of home and ECEC/school, children can experience barriers that contribute to educational inequality.

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Project Description: Family and Education: Creating Child-Centered Policies

Education opportunities and welfare for all children require effective investments in families and in high quality education institutions. A new family policy should take on a child’s perspective and tie the children’s environments – families, education institutions and infrastructure – closely together.

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