BM-5.jpg NST 2015 Bekanntgabe(© Besim Mazhiqi)

Singing Competition: Starting shot for the NEUE STIMMEN 2017: Apply now!

Until March 31 young opera singers from around the world have the chance to submit their application for our NEUE STIMMEN International Singing Competition. Participating in the competition can be a crucial step for launching a high-profile career, as the current success of 2013 prizewinner Nadine Sierra shows.

2016_10_29_Meisterkurs_3507.jpg(© Kai Uwe Oesterhelweg)

Concert: Eleventh NEUE STIMMEN Master Class concludes with gala concert

Thirteen young opera singers from twelve nations took to the stage on Saturday evening for the concert concluding the 2016 NEUE STIMMEN Master Class. The performers had spent the previous week working intensively with internationally renowned instructors on their vocal technique, stage presence and personal development.

2016_10_22_Meisterkurs_0540.jpg(© Kai Uwe Oesterhelweg)

Singing Competition: Follow NEUE STIMMEN's bright young opera talents

On Saturday, October 22nd, NEUE STIMMEN's 11th Master Class got underway with 13 talented young opera singers working to improve their vocal performance and stage presence with internationally renowned artists and coaches. This year, for the first time ever, opera enthusiasts can follow developments live with this year's Master Class!

Zertifikate_8435688.JPG ST-LL 2015 Weiterbildung für alle(© Arne Weychardt)

Study: Recognizing non-formal and informal competences

European countries need a binding validation system for non-formally or informally acquired competences to establish equal opportunity on the employment market and utilize the potential of refugees. Seven European countries have demonstrated how such systems can be designed.

finale.jpg(© Besim Mazhiqi)

Singing Competition: Elsa Dreisig and Anatoli Sivko win the NEUE STIMMEN 2015

The final is over: Elsa Dreisig from France and Anatoli Sivko from Belarus are the winners of the 16. International Singing Competition NEUE STIMMEN. In a high-class final in Stadthalle Gütersloh they prevailed against strong competitors.

jan-voth_151022_2304__MG_1047_highres.jpg(© Jan Voth)

Singing Competition: 11 young singers qualify for the NEUE STIMMEN finals

NEUE STIMMEN finals, here we come! In the semifinals of the international singing competition on Thursday, the jury selected five female and six male singers for the grand concert on Saturday. The French soprano Elsa Dreisig won the people's choice award.

jan-voth_151020__MG_9808_highres.jpg(© 49713)

Singing competition: 19 young singers qualify for the 2015 NEUE STIMMEN semifinals

The semifinalists for the 2015 NEUE STIMMEN International Singing Competition have been chosen. Of the 42 young talents who arrived in Gütersloh on Sunday to participate in the competition’s final round, 10 female singers and 9 male singers have been selected to continue to the semifinals.

7F4A7052.jpg Cost Benefit ST-LL(© Miquel Taverna / Bertelsmann Fundación)

Study: Spain could reap benefits of apprenticeship training

Measures introduced three years ago for in-firm apprenticeship training have resonated only marginally among Spain's companies. Less than five percent of all trainees are receiving in-firm training in addition to their vocational education. Our study shows that Spanish firms are ignoring this opportunity at a disservice to themselves.

Gruppenbild Flussbetthotel Endrundenteilnehmer Neue Stimmen 2015(© Besim Mazhiqi Fotograf)

SINGING COMPETITION: 42 NEUE STIMMEN participants arrive in Gütersloh

There's music in the air: from October 17 to 24, young opera talents from all over the world will once again be gathering in Gütersloh. A total of 42 up-and-coming singers from 30 countries will be performing for an international jury during the 16th NEUE STIMMEN International Singing Competition.

COLLAGE_NST2015_alle__TN (2).jpg(© Bertelsmann Stiftung)

SINGING COMPETITION: Singers from 30 countries chosen for final round of NEUE STIMMEN 2015

From Beijing and Sydney to Rome, New York, Buenos Aires and Cape Town: After three months of preliminary auditions on 6 continents and in 26 cities the participants of the NEUEN STIMMEN 2015 are selected. 46 young Opera talents have qualified for the final round, which starts at October 17 in Gütersloh.