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Publication: Apprenticeship training in England – a cost-effective model for firms?

What are the costs and benefits of dual apprenticeship training for companies in England? The study looks at five sectors of the English economy and ten different professions.

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SIB for more prevention: New pilot project to strengthen family assistance

Providing better, quicker and more tailored assistance to families: this is the goal of the pilot project by the district of Osnabrück called “Stärkung von Prävention in den Hilfen zur Erziehung” (Strengthening prevention in family assistance programmes), which was officially launched today.

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Singing Competition: Svetlina Stoyanova and Cho ChanHee win 2017 NEUE STIMMEN International Singing Competition

The final is over:Mezzo-Soprano Svetlina Stoyanova from Bulgaria and Bass Cho ChanHee from South Korea are the winners of the 17. International Singing Competition NEUE STIMMEN. In a high-class final in Stadthalle Gütersloh they prevailed against strong competitors.

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Singing Competition: Ten young singers qualify for the NEUE STIMMEN finals

NEUE STIMMEN finals, here we come! In the semifinals of our International Singing Competition the jury selected five female and five male singers for the grand concert on Saturday in the Gütersloh Stadthalle. Watch this exciting final via livestream!

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Singing Competition: 16 young singers advance to the NEUE STIMMEN semifinals

The 16 semifinalists for the 2017 NEUE STIMMEN International Singing Competition have now been chosen. Of the 39 young talents who arrived in Gütersloh on Sunday to participate in the final round, 8 female singers and 8 male singers from 12 countries will compete in the semifinals this Thursday.

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Singing Competition: NEUE STIMMEN celebrates 30th anniversary and further develops support for young opera singers

In 2017, NEUE STIMMEN is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Since its founding, the competition has become an international platform for creating careers. And NEUE STIMMEN continues to develop further. Before that, this year’s anniversary event will shine a spotlight on the 41 participants competing in the final round in Gütersloh from October 8 to 14.

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Integrative SIB: A primary school in Mannheim improves educational opportunities

In order to give all children the same opportunities for the future, the Pestalozzi School in Mannheim is launching the Integrative School Campus in the 2017/18 school year.

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Singing Competition: Three decades of NEUE STIMMEN: 42 opera talents to compete in final round

Some 1,500 young opera talents applied to participate in the NEUE STIMMEN International Singing Competition in 2017, the year that marks the event's 30th anniversary. Over the last four months, the jury selected the 42 best contestants to compete in the final round, which will be held from October 7 to 14 in Gütersloh. That is where the up-and-coming performers will demonstrate their vocal talents and will have the chance to further develop their artistic talents.

Screen_meine_Berufserfahrung_ST-LL.jpg(© Bertelsmann Stiftung) Get a self-assessment of professional competences in 5 minutes!

Millions of people in Germany do not have professional qualifications, but have already gathered extensive professional experience. You or your client can now show what they have learned in 29 (soon 30) professions on You can choose between 6 languages. A self-assessment only takes 3-5 minutes. Simply try it out!

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About the Project: Chance Ausbildung Initiative

We are developing the solutions to pressing questions on the topic of vocational training in Germany. It is our goal to give every young person access to vocational training, to lower the number of vacant vocational training positions and to increase the permeability between vocational and academic training.

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