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Trilogue Salzburg: Europe must focus on creating habitats for entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship and innovation are critical to sustainable growth and social development in Europe, especially in light of Europe's shrinking workforce. As a result, participants at the Bertelsmann Stiftung's 2014 Trilogue Salzburg developed recommendations for European stakeholders.


Asia Policy Brief: The Electoral Verdict and After: The Road Ahead for India

The decisive victory of the BJP in the 2014 Indian general elections came as a surprise to many. Most opinion polls, which had predicted a win for the BJP, had not anticipated the scale of the party's victory. A new Policy Brief examines the election results and the new government in India.


Asia Policy Brief: Going Global, Going West! Chinese Direct Investment in Germany

German chancellor Angela Merkel, accompanied by a business delegation, is visiting China. Mutual investment flows will be one topic on her agenda. German investors in China still encounter many hurdles, whereas Chinese companies in Germany may count on a generally open investment environment.


Analysis: The Mark of Democracy – A Fact Check for Tunisia

While Libya's and Egypt's fledgling democracies are already under threat, Tunisia continues to make considerable progress. In conjunction with a conference on June 19 that will bring the German Foreign Minister and the Tunisian Prime Minister together in Berlin, the Bertelsmann Stiftung is examining the political situation in the country.

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DEMOGRAPHIC TYPES: Communities: demographic types

Demographic types classify Germany’s cities and towns into groups based on indicators that document their demographic, economic and social development. The following text provides detailed information on the communities’ potential and challenges, as well as the concrete responses that result from the situation faced by each group.

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Conference: Asia Europe Economic Forum (AEEF)

Renowned experts from business, politics and academia gathered in Berlin from May 15-16 2014 to hold the Asia Europe Economic Forum (AEEF). The 10th AEEF took place under the title „Asia and Europe in Times of Global Change".

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Multimedia Cooperation with Deutschen Welle (DW): Winners and Losers of Global Development

Separation of powers, corruption and economic growth are all seemingly abstract concepts. But these factors shape everyday life for billions of people, and they're crucial to the success of the democratic model. "Secrets of Transformation," a series produced by Deutsche Welle, shows how people in developing and transition countries experience global change.


Asia Policy Brief: Xi's Real Test: Delivering on Reform and Maintaining Stability in 2014

Emerging signs of economic difficulties have greatly compounded the challenges facing Xi Jinping in 2014. After rolling out a surprisingly ambitious reform blueprint last year, China’s leader now finds his agenda complicated. The Asia Policy Brief assesses Chinese reform policy.


Policy Brief: The EU should engage more with the Ukrainian public

Many Ukrainians are in open revolt against the country's government – even participating in bloody clashes with the police in recent days. The EU must now do more to approach the Ukrainian public directly, actively involving it in reform processes.


Secrets of Transformation: Bolivia's economy is booming – while poverty increases in Pakistan

Better incomes for the poor in Bolivia and hard times in Pakistan. Those are two contrasting examples of the economic changes taking place around the globe, as detailed in Part 3 of Deutsche Welle's "Secrets of Transformation" series, based on the latest data from the Bertelsmann Stiftung's Transformation Index (BTI).