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Study: Turkey and the EU have to expand their trade

EU-Turkey relations are currently burdened. Also the trade relationship between Brussels and Ankara may soon be tested: TTIP and other proposed EU free-trade agreements would be to Turkey's disadvantage as a non-EU member country.

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Op-ed: Five steps to successful integration

The influx of refugees is an omnipresent topic in Germany. Each day brings new challenges – and new reactions. Creativity and expertise are needed if we are to respond effectively to both the large number of newcomers and society's needs in general. The Bertelsmann Stiftung is launching a series of projects and initiatives designed to achieve this goal. 

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Op-ed: Sore Spots – Aart De Geus on the "Brexit" Threat

The Brexit threat by the British Prime Minister David Cameron lays bare Europe's weaknesses, says Aart De Geus. An op-ed by the chairman and CEO of the Bertelsmann Stiftung on the United Kingdom's possible exit from the European Union.

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Country Ratings: INCRA ratings: US receives top marks, growth in eurozone remains fragile

Despite a weak first quarter, Germany, Italy and France will continue to grow in 2015. That is one of the findings from the new INCRA country ratings released by the Bertelsmann Foundation North America. In contrast to the situation in the United States, however, considerable downward risk exists, not least because of Greece's ongoing debt crisis.

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Event: Eurozone crisis: Schäuble demands reform, not spending

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble has vigorously defended the need for structural reform and the avoidance of further spending and deficits to spur European economic growth. In a discussion hosted by the Bertelsmann Foundation, the minister also tamped down concerns about German economic health.

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Event: Experts call for transparency in TTIP negotiations

The negotiations on the transatlantic free trade agreement TTIP need to be transparent and include stakeholders. This was confirmed by the participants of a panel debate that was organised by Bertelsmann Stiftung's Brussels office.