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Background: Europe at a Glance: Studies and Analyses on the European Elections

"Watershed election", "more important than ever before" – many politicians are wielding superlatives to describe this year's Elections to the European Parliament. Turnout for the election may increase overall. However, who stands to benefit from this? What do Europeans actually think about their continent? Where are the areas that require the most work in the EU? Please consult our overview page to find contacts and studies on Europe.

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EU citizens' dialogue: A Different Kind of EU Summit: Citizens' Dialogue in The Hague

We and the EU Commission issued an invitation to a major event – the EU Citizens' Dialogue in The Hague, which took place about a week before the European Parliament elections. 120 European citizens, chosen at random from five different EU countries, met to discuss one subject in four languages: Europe. Lively cross-border interest in Europe affairs, and the efforts of numerous interpreters, ensured that the event was not a Babylonian confusion of languages, but a genuinely European dialogue.

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Event: Trying Times 2019: Pre-Conference Workshop

From September 4 - 6, 2019, we will be exploring the future of social cohesion at our international conference “Trying Times - Rethinking Social Cohesion” to be held in Berlin. In preparing for this event, the project team held a pre-conference workshop in Berlin in April with a group of personalities invited to take part in the conference this fall.

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Commentary: Ukraine as a European oasis of prosperity – Vasyl Holoborodko’s vision proved convincing

More than two-thirds of Ukraine’s voters believe Volodymyr Zelensky can put the country squarely on the path to becoming a modern state – just like Vasyl Holoborodko, the admirable history teacher and recently elected president in Zelensky’s TV series “Servant of the People” did.  

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Study: Rejection of parties shapes the voting decisions of Europeans

Our analysis of the European elections has revealed that many Europeans take a negative stance. A majority could therefore vote against certain parties in May, rather than voting for a party. At the same time, supporters of the extreme and Eurosceptic margins are more strongly mobilised than the political centre, which still suffers from voter fatigue. This could shape the election results and make it difficult to form positive majorities in the new EU Parliament.

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European Elections in France: In the Shadow of National Politics

President Emmanuel Macron's call for a "renewal of Europe" made a splash in the media but got a muted reaction from other national leaders. Is his European political offensive in fact a tactical move, aimed to resonate within France as well as beyond its borders?

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Democracy in Hungary: First Signs of Waning Support for Viktor Orbán

Viktor Orbán’s nativist rhetoric and attacks on the constitution and the independent media have triggered international censure, but he has retained his strong standing in Hungary – until now. Has a turning point been reached?

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Policy Paper: Tackling practical challenges of EU financial integration

25 years ago, the European Union agreed to complete the European Single Market. Its substantial contribution to growth and prosperity in Europe since then is undisputed. However, some important hurdles are still in place. The policy paper analyses some of the practical challenges to European financial integration that remain.

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Report: How do EU citizens feel about an unemployment re-insurance?

At the invitation of the Future of Europe Programme, researchers from the University of Amsterdam presented a new survey: Citizens are in favour of an EU-wide instrument against unemployment. The Bertelsmann Stiftung had previously calculated the macroeconomic effects of a European reinsurance scheme.

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eupinions: We'll be fine. How people in the EU27 view Brexit

The political drama called Brexit leaves observers in London fascinated, appalled or exhausted. Whereas in the UK, the tension seems to intensify with every twist and turn the British take on their way out of the European Union, Europeans on the continent seem to be surprisingly detached. They support their country's membership in the EU in ever greater numbers, and calmly carry on with their daily business.